The Dreams That Come

Aisling's Diary Entry #1

Am Cocoon

Dear Diary…this is literally me right now:

Today, I met the prettiest merfolk ever. When I met him, he was crying, but then I learned that he could speak Sylvan, and I helped get him free. Oh yeah, he was in a prison under Lord Piersym’s study. And there was a triton, too. The pretty merfolk’s name is Latu, and the triton’s name is Ooborsch. Commander Boris and Venser had a touching moment (I ship this) and I drew a picture of them together. After Tessa went and got Dolores, they turned Latu and Ooborsch into humans, and I may have gotten a glance of a naked Latu totally didn’t see anything…

We took them to Dolores’s library, and Dolores gave us all magic items. It was really neat. I got a staff that is able to become immovable. I tripped Venser with it because he made Latu blush by winking at him. We are now rivals in love, I will not go easy on him. I’m going to try to learn Aquan so I can talk to Latu more easily, even though he knows a bit of Sylvan so we could have private conversations if we wanted ehehehehehehe

After Venser and Tessa got back from getting sleeping stuff from the market, Arianna came running in and said that there was another mermaid at the docks, so I used Venser as a mount to show him who’s really the boss here. After we got there, I helped amplify Venser’s voice with Ghost Sound as he shouted for people to get out of the way, and Dolores was able to heal the mermaid in time. He made a telepathic bond between us and he called Latu ‘prince’.


omg omg omg omg he’s a prince
He’s a prince and I’m just a lowly fairy…

After calming down a bit and going back to the library with Dolores, I decided that I needed to work towards my goals some more: Bring the stars back to the skies, get my wings back, and get more in touch with the dreaming side of myself. I talked with Dolores, Latu, and Tessa about contacting a spirit of dreams, and after a lot of preparation, I drifted off to sleep and met a beautiful moth spirit. Her wings were like fields of stars, and her dress was like tree roots. I told her that the stars were missing from my world and she asked if I would be her missionary and help bring back the stars and dreams to my world, and I agreed. She told me I must sleep and so I did, but Astranimbus woke me up and pulled me away from the spirit. I could hear Tessa screaming for me to not go to sleep, so I left the dream, and when I woke up, I was in a cocoon. She told me that if I went to sleep with the spirit, I would have never woken up. The cocoon slowly took over me and I fell asleep.

Maybe when I wake up, I will have beautiful wings and senpai Latu will notice me.




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